A Brief Introduction of Shanghai Institute of
Science & Technology Policy

Shanghai Institute of Science & Technology Policy, affiliated to Shanghai Institute of Science & Technology Management and founded in 1987 with the permission of Shanghai Science & Technology Commission, is actually the commission’s research base for soft science, committed to the establishment of think tank of Shanghai science and technology policy in an effort to offer scientific basis for the decision-making of the government, to give intellectual support for the cadre-training, and to provide intelligence for the development of science and technology. At present, One Brand (science and technology policy research in Shanghai and even across the whole nation), and Three Support Points (innovation management, science-technology manpower and regional science and technology), have been established as the framework for business development, with a research team of relatively stable 20 people mainly within the Institute and some guest scholars as well. In recent years Shanghai Institute of Science & Technology Policy has undertaken a number of soft science research subjects from Ministry of Science & Technology, Shanghai Science & Technology Commission and Zhangjiang High-Tech Zone, covering talent policy, regional innovation, intermediary services, performance management, statistical evaluation, construction of high-tech zone and so on. It plays a significant role in political participation and consultation and offering advice and suggestions.